25 Ingenious Light Bulb Tattoos

25 Ingenious Light Bulb Tattoos

Light bulb tattoos are often bold, bright and traditionally styled associated to ideas of enlightenment and brightness.
The light bulb reflects the concept of a 'bright idea', more generally it is associated with mental energy and the process of human thinking.
Light bulbs as we know them are often attributed solely to the great inventor Thomas Edison, and while he was essential in the birth of the modern light bulb he was not a lone inventor. Historians instead have identified an incredible 22 different individuals responsible for the process that culminated in the light bulb as we know it today. While Edison was pivotal in creating a long lasting electrical bulb it is in fact a British inventor by the name of Joseph Swan who boats the claim of inventing the first incandescent light bulb! Swan's house was also the first in the world to be lit by light bulb!!
While they pay homage to their inventors light bulb tattoos more commonly represent human thought and the process of ones thinking! They are also a striking way to show your love of science, so for all you thought lovers and science buffs here are 25 ingenious light bulb tattoos to brighten your day!!
Bold work by Andrea Lanzi
Brain bulb by Alexis at LTW Tattoo Studio
Unique tattoo by Broslavskiy
Great realistic piece by Merrick Ames
Bright and bold is always a solid choice!! Tattoo by The Art of London
Incredible work by Dmitiry Samohin
Eye bulb, artist unknown
Flower Bulb Tattoo by The Art of London
Light bulb and tools, unknown artist
Great little hand tattoo, artist unknown
Bulb tree, unknown artist
Marcin Aleksander Surowiec did this awesome bulb heart!
Badass skull bulb by Matt Truiano
Abstract work by Nicholas Keiser
Old School bulb, artist unknown
Sam Frederick - Lightbulb Waffle Cone Tattoo
Amazing tattoo by Sandra Saar
Traditional piece by Sebastian Domaschke
Ship Bulb, artist unknown
Amazing tattoo by Steve Martin
Moth Bulb Tattoo by David Rudziński
The Art of Lonodn, globe bulb
Old school bulb, unknown artist
Awesome work by Valeriy Letov
Amazing watercolor light bulb, artist unknown
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