25 Tasty, Crunchy, & Delicious Tattoos of Snacks you wish you can eat!

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We're quite sure you'll be craving any one of these snacks by the time you finish scrolling. Let me end this intro and get me snacks. *stomach grumbles*

What snacks did you bring in school as a kid? Share with us! (Tattoo by Scotty Munster, Off the Map tattoo)

Holy Guacamole! (Tattoo by Pablo Ash)

I can almost smell the beef patty. :'-( (Tattoo by Dusty Neal)

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Am I hallucinating in hunger or are those hands I really see?!?! (Tattoo done at Body Garden Tattoo)

A fish that tastes like waffle... Or a waffle that tastes like fish. MmMmM... can't decide!!!

Care for some peanut butter goodness? Tattoo by Jeff Ensminger

Can't have pancakes without the syrup!

A pop tart for the foodies-at-heart!

Or maybe you want something light... Like a Bourbon biscuit.

Dieting's NOT an option for now! This tall glass of Sundae is seducing me!

Sorry guys, i'm eating you up too! (Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo)

And you!!! (Tattoo by Graynd)

And you (even if there's a Unicorn fetus inside!)

And you!!! (Tattoo by Jeremy Miller)

And You!!! even if you're cute, i show no mercy!

It's Cheesy but.... I LOVE FOOD!!!!! (Tattoo by Seejay, Timepiece Tattoo)

Cheese & wine = perfect combination. (Tattoo by Shane Acuff)

Taking it easy with this cheesy hot dog sandwich!

Tell me about it! (Tattoo by Alexandr Kargapolov) More pizzariffic tattoos in this blog.

Happiness is real when shared... <3

Tattoos are like potato chips.... You can't just have one!

My mind's goin twisted with all these food! >_<


Last one before going to bed = movie nights & popcorn!


Aaah... If only Life was a piece of Cake.... Just like eating... (Tatoo by Nikko Hurtado)

*BURP* Now i need a drink. (Tattoo by Nick Baxter)

Three words: FOOD IS GOOD!!!!!

We hope we got you full! Lol. Have a pleasant & delightful day, everyone! Enjoy food, enjoy life!



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