25 Witty Hand Sign Tattoos

25 Witty Hand Sign Tattoos

Human communication is verbal, but also physical. We indeed express many things with our hands, especially in some countries.
Many hand gestures have become popular symbols, such as the Facebook thumbs up, the hand peace sign and the high five. With our hands, we can also play games to entertain us. Who doesn't enjoy playing the game rock-paper-scissors? It is also always funny to create some stories with puppet shadows, and some skilled people can imitate many animals, monsters and other things, appearing in the light! Some hand signs are helping people with deafness, hearing loss and non speaking problems with communicating with others and learning the sign language is a great way to break their silence. Others are rallying signs between people with the same beliefs or passion, such as the Vulcan salute. And of course, some of them have secret meanings that are not intended for prudish people... Yes, we are referring to naughty gestures! What do your hand sign tattoos say? Do they give the middle finger or show your love for rock music? Are they fun, innocent or cheeky? If you are still looking for inspiration, we will be very happy to give you an helping hand. Let's your hand sign tattoos do the talking!
Cartoon thumbs up by Adam Nagy.
Hopeless romantic, haha! By Ashi Tattoo.
"You? F*ck You!" By Axi Tattoo.
Lovely heart-shaped hands by Ben Stone.
Fantastic sign language half sleeve by Brandon Heffron...
"It's a deal!" By Caitlin Thomas.
Cute love sign laguage by Caitlin Thomas too.
Cossed-fingers by Cisco.
Rock paper scissors tattoo by Clara Theresa.
Another one by Cohete Fernández...
"You're screwed!" By Encre Mécanique.
Who won? By Eterno Tattoo Nomad.
If you know what I mean... by Ilya Brezinski.
Well, that's rock'n'roll, haha! By Joe Meyer.
The spocker by Mitch Allenden...
High fives by Moorea Hum.
Shadow puppet by Philippe Fernandez.
By Ryan Sherwood.
By Sam Rulz.
And by Vitor Bossa.
Peace and war? By Sacha Made With Love.
"F*ck off!" By Samazon.
Musician Scott Bartlett from Saving Abel does it 4 times!
Hand sign tattoos gone wild!!!! By Sergio Sanchez.
And, we'll just put this shocker tattoo here....
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