35 Majestic Indian Chiefs Skull Tattoos

35 Majestic Indian Chiefs Skull Tattoos

Full headdresses are worn by Plains Indians men who have earned a place of great respect within their tribe.
They are seen as items of important spiritual and political significance.
Sometimes worn into battle, warriors who were first in line and returned home safely would earn one eagle feather.
Each feather in an honored person's possession has to be earned through acts of incredible courage and honour on behalf of the tribe, or gifted to them in gratitude for their hard work.
Splendid linework! via @solidtattookristina
In the United States, eagles are protected birds under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, and only enrolled members of a Native American tribe may legally possess them.
Some warriors might be awarded only two or three honour feathers in their whole lifetime, so difficult are they to earn.
Enjoy these beautiful Indian Chiefs skulls with full headdresses:
via @ibud.nyoman
Great freehand work via @adixtattoo_bali
Very clean linework! via @blackmagicjake
Nice color choices here via @blackrosetattoorj
unfinished piece via @danedonkertattoos
via @leandro.tattoo
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