4 Things You Need to Know About Tattoos Before Getting One

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So now you've decided to get that tattoo you've always wanted. Here are 4 things you need to know before getting the tattoo:


1. Tattoos are worn for LIFE

Tattoos aren't like jeans or tops that you can get rid off in time, nor are they like temporary artworks on a board that can be erased. These artworks will be in your skin 'til you leave this planet, so remember, THINK BEFORE YOU INK.


2. Tattoos cost MONEY

Tattoo artists are professionals who dedicate their time, skill, and effort to dish out solid, clean and lasting tattoos for collectors. The best ones do charge a good amount of money, since of course, they know the worth of their work, so be ready to save and spend for your tattoo.


3. Tattoos HURT

Yup! They do! Some people say they don't hurt that much, some say they do hurt real bad. One thing's for sure, THEY DO HURT. It all comes down to the spot where you're getting it and your pain threshold. Be ready physically and mentally, get a good amount of sleep the day before, and be sure to have a hearty meal to start the day.

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4. Tattoos need to be CARED FOR

Especially after getting it done, technically, it's an open wound. So be sure to listen to your tattoo artist regarding the aftercare instructions. If you do, there is little chance you'll have trouble healing up.

So that's it guys, 4 things about tattoos you need to know before getting one. Tattoos are the best collections in your life you'll ever have, so have fun collecting them too!




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