5 Reasons Why Barcode Tattoos Aren't Such A Great Idea

5 Reasons Why Barcode Tattoos Aren't Such A Great Idea

No offense guys, but barcode tattoos aren't really working great as a tattoo. Unless you own a barcode company.
Or it has some kind of a deep-seated meaning for you.. we advise you NOT to get it. Some tattoo artists would be willing to do this, but most of them won't and would prefer to do something much better than that. Why? Here's why:
Disclaimer: Some photos are not actual tattoos. For illustrative purposes only.
1. You are not a commodity
Barcode tattoo
You are not a consumer product! You are a unique individual who deserves the best tattoos. You don't wanna walk in a store one day, get scanned, and find that the code you got was for a condom, or a sanitary napkin. God, that would be a shame! You can do better than that!
2. Most Tattoo Artists don't wanna do it.
Barcode face tattoo
For one thing, they agree with #1, and for another, they would much rather tattoo their own designs. You can ask veteran tattoo artists in the industry such as Master Horiyoshi III or Ami James himself if they would be willing to tattoo a bar code. We bet our ass they won't.
3. Not good for Long-term use
Barcode tattoo
Those straight lines with little spaces, especially when you get it done from an amateur, will end up blotted out, shaky and messy. The little numbers below it will just add up to the mess, as they are so small they may blot out over time as well. The skin ages and loses elasticity, and changes in various ways according to different skin types, so consider that when getting tattoos. Make sure it's gonna be long-lasting. If you want lots of lines, find an expert geometric tattoo artist! Don't get a fucking bar code just because there's nothing else you can think of!
4. Yeah they're cute for you, but not so
Forehead barcode tattoo
5. You deserve the Best
Photographer: Peter Coulson
Does that even need explaining? If you're a beginner and clueless about what to get, we advise you to calm down, don't get too excited, and make enough time to carefully research, learn about tattoos and consult a tattoo professional. If you're thinking about getting a barcode with your birth date underneath, grab a paper and list down all possible tattoo ideas, each one better than the last, until the bar code becomes the last thing in your mind. Read our blogs, for your skin's sake, and you'll learn about more awesome tattoo choices! And you'll be fine!
Sorry to bust your bubbles, guys. It's for your own good too. We didn't write this to tell you what you should or should not do, we're merely guiding people who are open to suggestions. The rest is up to you. That's why we always say, Think before you Ink! Skin is a precious thing, cherish it, adorn it the best possible way you can.
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