5 Reasons Why Black and Grey Should Be On Your Tattoo Bucket List!

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Black an grey tattoos are exactly as they sound, tattoos done with black and grey ink!

Thought to have originated in the US prison system through the 20th century the style was pioneered by artists like the legendary Jack Rudy in the wider tattoo world and are now one of the most popular styles of tattoos around. When it comes to getting a tattoo the first choice you face is whether you'll go black and grey or color, and either option is equally good but having only black and grey work myself it's obvious which side I come down on, and as a strong advocate of black and grey work I am here to give you 5 reasons why a black and grey tattoo should be on your tattoo bucket list!

It's A Classic!
Lets start with the obvious, black and grey tattoos are a classic! When you look at a black and grey tattoo you're looking at a pillar of modern tattooing. You're also looking at a style of tattooing that has all the essentials of a true tattoo style; hardcore beginnings, simple beauty, and great impact!

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    Less Is More

    With black and grey tattoos you're working with only two shades, some see this as a down side when you compare them to color tattoos but the old 'less is more' has never been more true than in black and grey tattoos. Having only two colors means black and grey tattoos use the contrast of shading to bring the tattoo to life an create some awesome two tone effects.

    Penguin Tattoo by Mefisto Tattoo Studio
    Penguin Tattoo by Mefisto Tattoo Studio

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    It's Bold! 

    Because of the limited color black and grey tattoos use shading and contrast to great effect and in doing so artists can create some awesome bold work. I mean what's more in your face that a big ass black and grey eagle!!

    blackandgrey tattooart
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    An advantage of black and grey tattoos are that almost any style of tattoo can be tattooed; Japanese, lettering, geometric, tribal, dotwork, traditional, new school, realism etc...you name it and it can look kickass in black and grey!

    Koi Tattoo by Tattoo Temple
    Koi Tattoo by Tattoo Temple

    Because Black and Grey Is Awesome!!

    Yep, you should get a black and grey tattoo simply because they are awesome! Timeless, classic and eye catching black and grey is definitely a tattoo style any ink lover should try!

    Amazing work by Niki Norberg
    Amazing work by Niki Norberg


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