A Tattoo Artist Is Aiming To Tattoo The 151 Original Pokemon

Pokemon and tattoos it's a match made in heaven. We all know this and we've seen them all from the best to the worst.
Tattoo artist Alicia Thomas over at Boston Tattoo Company however is taking the Pokemon tattoo game to new levels, she's aiming to tattoo the complete 151 original Pokemon on her clients and she's almost done it!
Alicia Thomas
Beginning her project last August Alicia's journey started with an innocent conversation with a like minded Pokemon enthusiast as she told Vice;

I was tattooing one of my regulars. We were about the same age, talking about our childhoods. We were both pretty nerdy. We were just talking about growing up with Pokémon, and we made a joke that “Oh, you should tattoo all of them,” and then we kind of laughed, and then we looked at each other and said, “No, this should actually be a thing.” I’m definitely a goal-oriented person so I figured it would be a fun project to start. I’ve seen someone try to tattoo Pokémon once in a while, but I don’t often see, from beginning to end, to tattoo every Pokémon. I’ve [done] about 125, 130, out of the 151 original.”
Pokemon tattoos
Referring to the project as "Help Me Catch Them All," Alicia plans to celebrate completing the 151 tattoos by throwing a party and inviting all those who got tattooed along the way; 'I very much would like to have some sort of party, some kind of event where I can go through all the paperwork and get in touch with everyone by email or call them, everyone who has gotten Pokémon tattoos, so they can all meet each other and their evolutions'
Pokemon tattoo
Alicia plans to get a tattoo herself at the end of the project and has decided to go with the classic Bulbasaur, you can never go wrong with a leaf Pokemon unless you come up against a fire one that is. Talking about the tattoos Alicia revealed the most popular design as the fan favorite Pikachu; 'Pikachu gets asked the most; Bulbasaur is the next one that gets asked the most. I'd say the first ones were Scyther, then Bulbasaur, then Haunter. Those are my top three'
Pokemon tattoo
With a few Pokemon left to tattoo could you be one of the lucky clients!! Be sure to have a look at Alicia's Instagram and click here for a more about her tattoo journey!
Pokemon tattoo