Artist Wim Delvoye Tattoos Live Pigs!!

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye is famed for his both inventive and shocking art projects, one of which involves tattooing pigs!
Yep this dude tattoos pigs!! Delvoye first tattooed big skin back in 1992 but by 1997 had moved on to tattooing actual live pigs.
Delvoye began experimenting with tattoos and pigs back in the 1990s
Delvoye's tattooed pig art came from the idea that “the pig would literally grow in value" both economically and physically. However due to animal welfare laws Delvoye had to relocate his pig tattoo project from the USA to China where laws are more relaxed in regards to how animals are to be treated. The tattooed pigs vary greatly in the designs they wear, from old school prison tattoos to Disney princesses and even Louis Vuitton patterns!
Tattooed pigs
While the pigs are put under anesthetic while they are tattooed by up to three artists the project has gained considerable criticism from a number of animal welfare groups who say the pigs are going through unnecessary suffering and trauma, while being exploited for commercial gains. Some of the tattooed pig skins were sold for up to $80, 000, two skins featuring Disney designs were sold to Chanel and made in to handbags!
Tattooed pigs
Delvoye has now moved on from tattooing pigs and it's probably for the best, there are certain things you shouldn't tattoo, like something that can't actually consent and agree to having a flaming skull inked on its back. What do you think about Delvoye's project? Art or animal cruelty?