Badass Seniors: The Rise Of Retirement Tattoos

Of the people getting their first tattoo roughly 5% are over 60! To some this may seem only a small figure but its implications are huge.
Think about it, if you go back 50 years how many over 60s would have been going out and getting inked? Not that many, within this modern world, however, where boundaries are broken everyday, tattooed elders are becoming a common and awesome sight. But what is fueling the rise of retirement tattoos?
What is fueling the growth of retirement tattoos?
Perhaps the biggest push for retirement tattoos has been the growth of tattooing in general and the wider acceptance alongside this, people are used to seeing tattoos on a daily basis so there is less shock in seeing some one sport a Japanese sleeve. Such a relaxation of attitudes has opened up the market for those wanting tattoos to get them without the worry of social stigma and seniors are included in this, with more over 60s getting tattooed others of the same generation can feel at ease about getting their own badass body art.
Retirement Tattoo
It is a fact that people spend the majority of their adult lives working, building careers and making their mark on their respective field, a part of having a successful career however is dressing the part and looking respectable, something which according to many tattoos are not! Thereafter if some high flying business man or woman wants a tattoo then there exists a pressure that if they get their ink will it affect their job, will it change how clients and associates look at them. Sadly careers can get in the way of ones tattoo love, but when you retire it's open season and you have an entirely blank canvas to fill. Retirement offers the opportunity for people to express themselves as they want, without the worry of losing their job and shocking co-workers! Retiring from work equals Tattoo Time!
Retirement Tattoo
When a person retires it is also possibly their last opportunity to live free and do whatever they want, they can go skydiving, drink all day and party all night and they can get tattooed, because why not? You are only young once, but you are likewise only old once, opportunities to retire are limited so when yours arrives take it for all it is worth and have the time of your life, get tattooed because you can and because it is an experience everyone should have!