Ben Affleck And 7 Other Celebrity Men With Tramp Stamps

Ben Affleck And 7 Other Celebrity Men With Tramp Stamps

The tramp stamp tattoo never really sounded too great. It may have been the coolest thing to have back in the 90's but not anymore.
Back in the days it was a special "thing" if you were a pop singer barely out of your teens. These days, it's synonymous with ‘trashy’. It's often targeted at women, which is quite misogynistic. But we have our share of men who have taken an interest in these so-called tramp stamps.
Latest Batman actor Ben Affleck showed up last week, looking really rough, and with a mysterious new tattoo. People have been speculating that it might have been the result of his divorce from actress Jennifer Garner, whom he met on the set of Daredevil back in 2003.
What got our eyebrows raised is where the tattoo is placed. It's on his lower back. Or more commonly knows as the tramp stamp spot. It seems to be some kind of coloured feather. Well, nothing much new here since the actor already has gotten a dolphin tramp stamp before.
Tyler Durden
I've always thought Mr. Tyler Durden himself would have looked more badass than he already were with a whole lot of ink. This isn't quite a back piece yet, but at least, it's pretty decent. The actor had the levees in New Orleans, wrecked by Hurricane Katrina, inked across his lower back.
David Beckham
Even the famed football player and ‘DILF’ isn't safe from the unfortunate ‘tramp stamp’ label after getting his eldest son Brooklyn's name on his lower back. It stretches across the skin in a Gothic font, forming an arc above that Beckham arse.
Freedom tattoo
‘Prison Break’ star Shemar Moore shows off ‘FREEDOM’ tattoo on his lower back region.
Shemar Moore
We doubt he really gives a damn if it's called a tramp stamp or not.
Tramp stamp tattoo
Tramp stamp tattoo
The small screen star seemed to either be a fan of bats or Batman himself.
Tramp stamp tattoo
Tramp stamp tattoo
Tramp stamp tattoo
Calm down, I know it's fake. But does anyone remember Jake's fake eight-pointed star tattoo for his detective role in ‘Prisoner’ back in 2013? He should have kept it for good.
Pauly D tramp stamp tattoo
Sorry, I just had to. I mean, he's still a celebrity, isn't he? He got his name on his tramp stamp spot, because of course, why shouldn't he? Give it up for Pauly D.
Ray J
You probably know him for banging Kim Kardashian and for banging Kim Kardashian but get this, Ray J is also a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. Yes, an actor. And he's got this not-trashy-looking at all tramp stamp.
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