Check Your Sanity With These Rorschach Test Tattoos!

Check Your Sanity With These Rorschach Test Tattoos!

Do you want to take the test? There are 10 cards in an actual Rorschach test,so we're going to play the game with 10 Rorschach test tattoos!
There is this awkward moment in your life when a shrink show you an inkblot card, ask you "What do you see here?" and all that comes to your mind is "Err... An Inkblot?"... Or perhaps you have more imagination and creativity and are able to see images with sense in a Rorschach inkblot test... This psychological test is used as a personality test and to detect psychological disorders.
The cards are showing abstract and symmetrical inkblots supposed to trigger emotional and unconscious answers from the patient. This technique is commonly used by therapists yet very controversial. Some people are taking it with humor, and even turning it into mysterious and poetic Rorschach test Tattoos... Inkblots are a cool idea for abstract tattoos, but you can also make the meaning explicit with, for example, recognizable animal shapes.
Tell me what you see! By Chris Zero.
By Julia Rehme.
Lee Stewart enjoys inking Rorschach test tattoos...
Another one by Lee.
Lee again.
Another Lee Stewart's tattoo.
By Matty Nox.
By Maxime Büchi.
Artist Pain Ting gives the inkblots a more figurative aspect.
So, are you mad???
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