Chris John Millington: A Tattooed, Bearded Gentleman Fantasy Come true

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Since people have been complaining about how we only feature tattooed babes. Well, all you needed to do was ask...

We’re going to start bringing in the men, then! And we know how some of you like them tattooed and bearded, think we should introduce you to Chris John Millington.

Okay, okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But seriously, when I first came across Chris John Millington, I thought my ovaries won't recover for a few hours. That was the time I was obsessed with drawing male anatomy and beards. I was looking for beards and that glorious beard of his came up. I've never really been into guys with more than a 5'0 clock shadow but Chris John Millington kinda changed that.

Just look at him. Why, yes, I'm objectifying him, meninists (insert sarcasm). Okay, serious now. Chris John Millington is a 25-year-old Scottish model who's famous for his majestic beard. He rose to fame when hipster beards and generic tattoos were the hot thing to have if you're a male during the year 2013. But it's different when you can actually own the look like Chris does.

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But aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, we'll have you know that Millington is kind of a big deal in the modelling world. He's a model, of course, he makes a living out of looking good.

Now, back to that beard of his.

He likes Milly's Apothecary so much, too. It's what he uses to keep his beard uhm, healthy.

Some have even described his beard as ‘pornographic’.

He shaved off his beard early this year and many lost their minds.

But it grew like weed, and he's all stubbly again.

Let's talk about his tattoos. Although Chris doesn't always talk about the meanings behind his tattoos, we can admire how well-done most of them are. He has mostly traditional style pieces and blackwork.

He has all these tasty-looking pieces all over his body. We're still talking about tattoos.

This one's for the little girl closest to his heart, his sister whom he calls Webo.

We love a man we can bond over tattoos.

I'm sure many men, lusts for CJM just as much, envious of his beard capable of arousing women and men alike. His style is also something to watch out for. CJM is  a fan of fitted suits and shirts, leather, and nice coats.

Imagine waking up and rolling over to this view.

The way he looks when he doesn't get his way.

Winter beards are wonderful. I'm crying.

In his Instagram posts, he seems to be good with kids, too. Mmm.

But I guess we can all agree that this is the state we kind of want him in. (Ugh, objectifying again. Sorry.)

Even when he's about to get an operation done, he still looks painfully dashing.

Can we have both?

This is where we break your hearts. Yes, he seems to be happily taken for a while now.

See what all the commotion is about here on his Instagram.




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