Creatures of the Deep: 10 Beautiful Aquatic Animal Tattoos (Part 2)

By minerva - 
Creatures of the Deep: 10 Beautiful Aquatic Animal Tattoos (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our fishy blog loaded with awesome, colorful aquatic animal tattoos with facts and trivia!
Octopus tattoo
Octopuses are smart predators. In fact, they are capable of opening lids of containers if the prey is inside. They have three hearts, as well: the two pump blood thru each of its gills, and the other one serves to pump blood all through out the body. All octopuses are venomous, but only the blue-ringed octopus is known to be deadly to humans.
Angler fish tattoo by David Tevenal
The Angler fish lives in the murky depths of the Antarctic & Antlantic oceans, up to a mile below the surface, which makes their makeshift "light bulb" above their heads very useful. This distinctive feature is worn by females, and the light it provides under the blackness of the sea lures their prey to its doom. Angler fish have big mouths and pliable bodies that they can swallow prey up to twice its size!
String rays tattoo by Justin Dion, Portland, Oregon
String rays are often found in tropical & subtropical coastal waters, while few live in freshwater rivers. In the wild, they can live up to 25 years old, and can grow as huge as 14feet! You surely wouldn't want to encounter one, for they are stingers, hence the name. Their eyes are on top of their body, while its mouth and nostrils are below it. So the way they attack their prey is to sting it with their tails.
Dolphins tattoo
Dolphins are believed to be very intelligent creatures. Its cousin, the Orca, is actually a type of dolphin! Dolphins have excellent hearing & eyesight, and they have this unique ability to locate objects through echolocation. They are able to communicate with other dolphins as well... By means of clicking, whistling, and other cute and awesome dolphin sounds. (this tattoo was featured in our amputee tattoos blog, check it out!) ;-)
Sword fish tattoo by Philip Yarnell
The Sword fish is a popular game fish for they present a challenge to the fisherman being strong and fast swimmers. It swims at speeds of 50-60mph and is one of the fastest fish on the ocean. That, plus its long bill that slashes the prey apart (whether smaller or larger preys), spells d-o-o-m.
Sea horse tattoo
The Sea horse is a type of fish with no scales. Instead, it it covered in bony, armor-like plates. Interesting to know, too, that it's the male who hatches their young. The female seahorse deposits the eggs in a male's pouch located on its belly, and it's daddyhood for daddy seahorse. Seahorses are only found in saltwater, can grow up to a foot, and can live from 3-5 years old.
Tattoo done at Kings Avenue
The Giant Squid has eyes as big as (or bigger than) your head, grows as lengthy as the whale, (50-60 ft) and can weigh thousands of pounds. The largest, which they call "the Colossal Squid", were brought to the shores of New Zealand by fishermen in 2007.
Salmon tattoo
Salmon fish are born in the freshwaters, migrate to the ocean (and change color!) and return 3-4 years after to spawn their eggs & die. They lay up to 2,500-7,000 eggs, depending on the type of salmon.
Crab tattoo
A crab is a decapod (meaning to have 10 limbs) with tough outer shell structure to protects its inner organs. It is an omnivore: feeding on molluscs, planktons, fungi, bacteria & other crustaceans and is armed with a pair of pincers/claws. The crab, being a decapod, typically walks sideways.
Porcupine tattoo
This spiky fish is found in the world's warm & temperate tropical seas. It has the ability to inflate itself by swallowing water or air to fend off their predators. Hence, they are also called "balloon fish" or "blow fish". Some species are deadly poisonous for having tetrodotoxin in their organs---which means that it's 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. As a result, this lucky fish have very few predators.
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