Creatures of the Deep: 13 Beautiful Aquatic Animal Tattoos

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Creatures of the Deep: 13 Beautiful Aquatic Animal Tattoos

You sure will be hooked by these beautiful aquatic animal tattoos packed with fun & awesome fish facts and trivia.
Awesome aquatic animal tattoo with a whale
Whales are often mistaken as fish but they're not. They are a species of marine mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded while fish are cold-blooded, which means that they would need to go to the surface in order to breathe, otherwise, they'll drown. Whales give birth and feed milk to their young, just like we do! How cool! (Tattoo by A.D. Pancho)
Colorful orca tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin
Orcas are often called "Killer Whales" but they don't really attack humans. They were called such for their ability to take down large marine mammals such as whales & sea lions. Orcas weigh up to 6 tons (5,443 kg) & grow up to 23-32 feet (7-9.7 meters)---that is almost the size of a school bus!!!
Night Action Tattoo, Artist: Ping, Arowana tattoo
Also called the"Dragon Fish", or "The Dragon in Full Flight" for its beauty and grace, is the most powerful symbol in Feng Shui for attracting Wealth & Abundance. It is said that having this creature on the home or business brings all kinds of blessings (increased income, safety from accidents & harm, protection & guardianship & enhanced flow of Chi "energy").
Bass fish tattoo
The Bass is the most popular game fish in USA. They're not an easy catch, though, because the bass is a smart fish! Do you know that they are also attracted to the color red? Scientific research shows that while bass can see colors, they can discern Red better than any other color in the spectrum. Take that as a tip, the next time you plan on catching one!
Hammerhead Shark tattoo
The Hammerhead Shark uses its wide head to trap stringrays (their favorite meal) by pinning them to the sea floor. Its unique eye placement (on each ends of its head) allows it to scan more area quickly than any sharks can. A female hammerhead shark gives birth to live young: 1 litter can range from 6-
KOI tattoo by Roman Abrego
The Koi fish is the most popular fish subject tattooed for its grace, colors, and beauty. Ancients believe that they (among any other fish), bring good luck to their owners, as their constant swimming sets some kind of cosmic motion, therefore attracting Chi energy in the home or office, and thus bringing luck & abundance. The Koi can grow up to 3 feet long, and if properly cared for, can live up to a maximum of 200 years (in exceptional cases). Normal life span is 25-35 years.
Goldfish Tattoo
Did you know? The Gold fish is the only animal that can see Infrared & UV light?! O_O Gold fish are quite intelligent, and they recognize the person who feeds them. They can live up to 5-10 years old & can grow up to 6 inches long or more! (Tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker)
Shark tattoo by Mike Devries
The first sharks lived more than 400 million years ago, 200 million years before the dinosaurs. They live up ro 25 years, while some of then can live up to a hundred! Hearing is one of the best of a shark's senses as it can hear its prey in the water from 3,000 feet away. Though, they are better at detecting low frequency sounds. They can't detect high frequency sounds that dolphins make. A shark's teeth are usually replaced every 8 days. Some species of sharks shed about 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.
Clown fish tattoo
Clown fish are also known as anemone fish, for their symbiotic relationship with sea anemone, which is a fish-eating plant with poisonous tentacles. Sea anemones benefit from clown fish (they're immune to it) that clean them by eating its parasites & dead tentacles, which help circulate the water around them, and giving them nutrients from their droppings. All clown fish are born males. When the dominant female in their group dies, the largest male will turn itself into female, an amazing phenomenon that cannot be reversed! Clown fish can live up to 10 years, and can grow up to 7.1 inches long.
Jelly fish tattoo
Jelly Fish are not fish, but are actually a plankton from the Phylum Cnidaria (Greek for "Stinging Nettle") & the class Scyphoza (greek for "Cup"). They range from the size of an itsy bitsy thimble to approximately a whopping 8-feet in diameter & tentacles that reach 200 feet----that is as long as two blue whales! They have lived in the waters for more than 650 million years, long before the dinosaurs, making them the oldest multi-organ animal. Don't underestimate them for lacking any bones, eyes or brains----because they can sting----even if it's dead! :-O
Star fish tattoo by Jon von Glahn, Olde Town Tattoo
Starfish (a.k.a. sea Stars) can grow up to 10" inches & can weigh up to 11 pounds. These cute little creatures are brainless... Yet an amazing intelligence enables them to regrow even when their body parts were cut off.
Tattoo by Peter Aurisch
It's magical, the Ocean. Its depths unknown, and within it, millions of species are grown. We truly live in a wonderful world.
Fishing finger tattoo
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