Doctor Uses Eye Tattoos To Raise Blind Patients' Confidence

Eye tattoos in recent years have been an increasing choice for many dedicated tattoo collectors who want to be as tattooed as possible.
But the process is now being adopted from a medical perspective! Dr. Emil Chynn, a surgeon and owner at Park Avenue Lasek in Manhattan, is pioneering a new process whereby someone with extensive eye damage can have their eye tattooed to boost their confidence.
Dr Emil Chynn is leading the way in medical eye tattoos!
While the process is in no way improves a person's vision it offers and aesthetic restoration to restore confidence in the way they look by adding natural looking colour to a previously injured and damaged eye. Chynn describes the process as having the goal to match the tattooed eye with the fully functioning eye and thereafter give the patient's confidence a boost.
"It's a very delicate procedure, and we're using the most fine tattoo needle as possible," -Dr. Chynn
The machine opted for by Chynn is a compact Swashdrive tattoo machine which he then customizes. Chynn decreases the speed at which the needle injects ink and also adjusts how far the needle penetrates the eye in order to prevent the cornea being perforated. Chynn actually performed the procedure live at the New York City Tattoo Convention in June on patient Winston Warner who had previously injured his eye and was left with a white layer covering its surface.
Chynn and his modified tattoo machine
In preparation of the procedure Chynn numbs the eye and applies an antibiotic, the tattoo is then applied to the superficial layer of the eye. On average the procedure would cost around $2,300 and according to Chynn the market for it is in the tens of thousands in the US alone.

"the potential audience is vast because there's many people with ocular injuries that can benefit cosmetically from a tattoo to make them more emotionally confident and to be able to look people in the eye"
William Watson, a previous patient of Chynn's went under the procedure with great success!!
Of course tattooing your eye is always risky but when you're in the hands of a surgeon you're probably going to be okay, but would you have it done?

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