Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, Glenn Arthur!

I've been following Glenn Arthur since I started an Instagram account.
What caught my attention was his classy yet animated style. And did I mention his tattooed characters? It definitely made Alice in Wonderland and The Bearded Lady way more interesting.
Surprisingly, Glenn stated in his bio that he had ‘little to no influence to art’, growing up from a conservative and religious household. It wasn't until he hit his late twenties when he was dragged into the world of painting. He was a constant doodler/sketcher and it would have stayed that way if a friend didn't shake his bearings and get Glenn to take it to the next level.
That hits close to home because as a frustrated young artist, I'm plagued with the thought of never accomplishing anything beyond mediocrity. Perhaps never being content with what you are is a good thing, though. If that's the case with Glenn, then I'm looking up to the right people. He hasn't slowed down since, and continues to make astounding artworks, in that undeniable Glenn Arthur style.
Aside from numerous tattoo references in his works, another remarkable thing about Glenn is the way he incorporates pop culture in his paintings. He makes everything look classy and enchanting. Even his version of Minnie Mouse looks more like a refined Disney princess than a cartoon character.
And even animé characters.
He can make a damn coffee stain into art.
The influence of Art-Nouveau and Neo-Victorian is very evident in Glenn's works giving his paintings a wickedly polished and playful finish.
His brand of macabre is simply wonderful.
If there's the ideal word to describe Glenn's work, it's ‘spellbinding’.
Hoping to own a print of his works one day!
It's no surprise either that Glenn's works have been adapted as tattoos many times. Contact him if you're interested in getting one of his works tattooed on you. You may find his contact details in his website.
Follow him on Instagram. Check out his website!