Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, Rik Lee!

We're back with another insanely talented artist Rik Lee whose existence you should be aware of.
You may or may not have come across his works in your feed. And we assure you, if he's not on your news feed, then he should damn well be.
tattoo artist Rik Lee @rikleeillustration / Instagram
Meet Rik Lee, your new favourite artist. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and now residing in Bali, Indonesia. He draws a lot of lovely ladies in his edgy signature style. Rik's works are heavily influenced with traditional tattoo art. Not only do they look something that belongs on skin than paper, but his drawings themselves are tattooed. The details are incredible.
Drawing by Rik Lee
Awesome drawing by Rik Lee
Tattooed woman drawing
You might recognize the many tattooed women often featured in his works somewhere.
The End, tattooed girl drawing by Rik Lee
They are far from the typical 'pin-up girls' we would expect from something influenced by traditional American style. In fact, they emanate different vibes I can only describe as fierce and daring.
Beautiful girl drawing
Stormy weather, sexy girl
Beautiful tattooed lady
One may notice how Rik's ladies have very striking eyes. Aside from the tattoo art and the bold lines, they're what intrigued me with his works.
Creative drawing
We're speculating that he gets most of his inspiration from his gorgeous wife!
Rik's style is what some would describe as ‘graphic art, lowbrow art, fashion illustration, portraiture, animé, tattoo art, etc,’ according to him. Rik himself isn't certain of what exactly is his style called either but he's going to leave it at that for now and keep making room for artistic improvements, exploring other mediums and styles, keeping busy.
Drawing by Rik Lee
“Honestly, I struggle with defining my art in words. My art is just... my art. It's a style that i've been developing for a long time and I assume will continue to evolve. As soon as I try to categorise it I get confused looks, and as soon as I try to describe it, I look confused. I find it easier to show someone my work and let them call it what they want.” –Rik Lee to Tattoodo
Drawing in the process
Like many artists, it's always been art for Rik as well. He took up graphic design for college, though halfway through his fourth year, the calling of art and illustration was too strong that he knew right then and there that they're what he really wants to do. Not long after that, he began freelancing for art and fashion magazines, staying hopeful through it all.
Creative lettering drawing
Awesome drawings
Bird tattoo design with roses
His Instagram account is filled with beautiful pencil sketches and marker scribblings that are too good to be considered doodles. Aside from pencils and markers, Rik uses watercolours, ink, pastels, crayons, paint, or cut paper. Otherwise, he would go digital.
Wolves will tear us apart
Fuck it, Lets drive to Alaska
Awesome owl drawing
Skull composition drawing
Though he may probably not be hitting the tattoo machines soon, we still wish he would!
City girl drawing
Rik shares some of the biggest influences on his art including ‘Art Nouveau and 1930's fashion illustration to 1990's iconic, skateboard and punk rock art to traditional American tattoos.’ He's the type of guy who finds inspiration in the things around him, parts of his daily life.
Tattooed legs drawing
This won't be complete without the tattoo talk. What fascinated the young Rik Lee about tattoos, which led him to create tasty pieces of art heavily influenced with tattoos? Like some of us, he started young. Back then, he used to tag along to his friend's older brothers' band gigs. That's when he was first exposed to tattoos, which got him curious. It wasn't until the bass player of the band got a tattoo apprenticeship that Rik soon got himself his very first tattoo.
Tattoo by Carl dela Riva
That's why it doesn't surprise us that people have been getting his art actually tattooed on them. They're meant to be there.
T-Shirt design by Rik Lee
Arm bands
Tattooed nails
Watches with tattoo design
In the near future, Rik and a friend will be working on some large scale canvasses. He and his wife, who works in fashion design and production, will also be collaborating for a clothing collection. Travel is also in the cards for Rik this year, with Japan and possibly, Israel on his map.
Owl tattoo design
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