Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Stacy Jean!

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Stacy Jean!

Stacy Jean is a visual artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who grew up in Hawaii.
The artist, Stacy Jean
Like most of the artists I admire these days, I first found out about her on Instagram.
Stacy Jean
It's still pretty hard to believe that this woman is a mother of three and still managed to look at least ten years younger, and have time to make stunning artworks.
Portrait by Stacy Jean
Of all her drawings, I'd have to say that I usually look forward to her Victorian portraits. They are magnificent.
Rihanna drawing
Her followers totally lost it when she posted this beauty. It just looks so right.
Lana Del Rey drawing
Some of them are almost unreal.
Beautiful portrait drawing by Stacy Jean
Victorian portrait of Taeyeon
Victorian portrait of a dinosaur
Vintage portrait
She even managed to turn even the most unlikely characters into fine Victorian gentlemen.
Amazing artwork
Victorian Die Antwoord drawing
Lock drawing
Victorian era compass
Not only does she make Victorian portraits, but Stacy Jean also does a lot of drawings of things straight out of the Victorian era.
Victorian era key
Is this the real life?
Victorian portrait
Victorian portrait
By Stacy Jean
This is what's keeping her busy during Easter.
I remember what first got me really impressed.
Amazing smoke drawing
Great artwork!
Vintage drawing
By Stacy Jean
Vintage drawing
I almost wish her pipe drawings are actual prototypes. They'd be a hit (get it? I'm sorry.)
Her Victorian portraits don't end with her usual sketchbooks. I know, wow.
Victorian sketches of Beyonce
And by sketchbooks, I mean vintage and old-looking sheets of paper she somehow managed to turn into something pretty cool. And by pretty cool, I mean, oh my fod Stacy Jean, your hands are making me cry and throw out my petty Staedlers and Micron pens.
Vintage drawing
It's amazing how things can drastically changed when charcoal pencils are given to the right hands.
By Stacy Jean
Stacy Jean
For more of Stacy Jean's art and her Victorian flair, follow her on Instagram!
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