Fan Gets Strangest Arsene Wenger Tattoo Ever!!!

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The world of football has produced some crazy tattoos over the years but the tattoo one dedicated Arsenal fan got may just take the title of strangest tattoo ever! The tattoo in question features Arsene Wenger riding on the back of a dog whilst hoisting two trophies into the air, now while it can be explained as a tribute to Wenger leading Arsenal to the double in 1998 the dog just makes no sense!!

Arsene Wenger riding a dog...just why??
Arsene Wenger riding a dog...just why??

Wenger has been the manager of Arsenal since 1996 and has gone on to become the clubs longest serving manager and most successful in terms of major titles won, with Arsenal he boats an impressive 14 cup wins including 3 Premier League titles, 6 FA Cups and 5 FA Community Shields. Of course as any football fan knows Wenger and Arsenal had to wait almost a decade between some of those titles but in true managerial style Wenger brushed it off and took the criticism before bringing silverware back to the club!

Wenger is often criticized but you still can't deny his ability!
Wenger is often criticized but you still can't deny his ability!

Even when you consider the impact of Wenger on English football and how he revolutionized football in the country the tattoo of him riding a dog still lacks sense. Thankfully the Mirror shed some light on the situation, the tattoo belongs to an Arsenal fan who had a dream of Wenger celebrating the double on the back of a dog, and like any sensible fan he went and got it turned into a tattoo...

Yep, that's Arsene Wenger riding a dog!
Yep, that's Arsene Wenger riding a dog!

Admittedly there is some charm to the tattoo, but that could be because it is just so damn weird, though it does capture an iconic image of Wenger from back in 1998, back when he was fresh faced and the cream of the crop in football management.

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There you have it, footballs strangest tattoo...You can't help but wonder what Wenger himself would make of it, perhaps he would offer his notorious cheeky smile and gentle nod of approval...


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