Happiness Is A Warm Gun Tattoo

Gun tattoos is consistent with the fantasy of the gunslinger: on the hips, or, with an optical illusion, stuck inside the pants.
We won't debate the right to wear a weapon here, because it's not our subject. Our subject is art, especially tattoo art. And gun tattoos don't kill people. They don't encourage violence either. In the contrary, gun tattoos are often related to childhood's games and dreams: which kid (male AND female!) doesn't want to be a sheriff, a cow-boy, a pirate or an adventurer? Many professions are using guns in their activity, without including violence, and sometimes, to pay a tribute to their jobs, people are inking their service weapon.
Ready to draw your gun, cow-boy? Indeed, there is a sexy meaning hidden behind gun and pistol tattoos... ;) So, no, you don't have to agree with the NRA to get a gun tattoo. You can be just kids of all ages, or want to show your dangerous side...