Hillary Clinton's Handshaking Incident With A Man With A White Tattoo

People on Twitter lost their minds for maybe a couple hours when presidential hope Hillary Clinton tweeted a certain photo.
The picture was taken when she visited her old home in 1600 Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. Tattoos are definitely a hot topic
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
You wouldn't really notice it at first glance because it was just this random guy in a baseball cap shaking hands with Hillary Clinton and oh, look there's a nice tattoo. OH MY GOD IS THAT A WHITE PRIDE TATTOO, THIS CAN'T BE.
Hillary Clinton
Man with a white tattoo
White tattoo
That's how we would describe how people on Twitter reacted when they saw that tiny detail. I mean, yeah, it certainly looks bad from this angle so I wouldn't blame them either for reacting that way. Given the fact that people on the internet usually acts that way anyway. It immediately disappeared from her feed when the buzz got a little out of hand and caught traffic.
Nicholas Brown / Buzzfeed
But we're missing something here. The man in the baseball cap, Nicholas Brown, later explained how this is all just a big misunderstanding. You see, his "WHITE" arm tattoo is merely an extension to another tattoo on his opposite arm. He tells Buzzfeed what really happened. You can see here that it actually says, "WHITE TRASH" in a vertical formation. Which is very ironic in contrast to what people speculated. But the damage has been done, people!
Man with a white tattoo
He's just a harmless guy with a tattoo, getting some ice cream. This particular incident made me think about how we tend to not usually see the bigger picture. And that's coming from someone who likes to make fun of cliché tattoos. But hey, I don't make the rules. You do.