Hostgator Dotcom: "Please Help, Give Me My Face Back"

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A couple months ago, we had a little chat with the man behind the (literal) face of url advertisements or skinvertising.

Known as Billy Gibbs, legally named Hostgator Dotcom. Read all about it here.

Hostgator Dotcom
Hostgator Dotcom

We don't want to sound like a broken tape, but Hostgator Dotcom is far from what others would initially think. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but it doesn't mean that they always have a point. Looking over comments in other web pages, you'll see people who's never even met Hostgator/Billy their whole lives and yet they speak of him as if  they do. You'll come across words like, "meth", "dumbf-ck", "stupid" and other sh-t like that. I mean yeah, I would have thought the same thing too if I knew he actually spent the skinvertisement money on blow or other kinds of f-cked up drugs but he didn't. I get where he's coming from and why he had to resort to this to give his kids a roof over their heads.


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    After the decline of the skinvertisement business, it just got harder to find a job because of his face tattoos. But Hostgator found the time to straighten things up. People are still going to be terrified of him despite his efforts to show everyone that he's not perfect but he's trying his best (he doesn't even have a criminal record). He's just a family man trying to make ends meet, who happens to have several face tattoos. Then, he also found a job as a courier at the mental health center where he got his recurring bipolar disorder diagnosed.

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    Hostgator Dotcom
    Hostgator Dotcom

    Here's what's up recently with Hostgator. You've read about how he partially had his face tattoos removed since auctioning extra space on his body for laser tattoo removal of his face tattoos. Not all the advertisement pieces on his face were removed, that's why he's seen wearing hats and make up some of the time.

    Hostgator Dotcom
    Hostgator Dotcom

    Now, he's aiming to get as much tattoos removed from his skin. Hostgator/Billy started raising funds for his laser tattoo removal because he can't afford the full cost which can fetch as much as twenty grand. He's already started with the rest of his face and head. It's sad how his daughter was so used to the tattooed face of Hostgator/Billy that she got really upset over the laser removal. It's the only face of her dad she's ever known.

    If you'd like to help Hostgator/Billy with this goal, go on his GoFundMe page and reach right out. You may even leave a message for him.



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