If Disney Princesses Actually Got Tattoos (Part 2)

If Disney Princesses Actually Got Tattoos (Part 2)

We've got part two of the princess tattoo madness! I mean, wouldn't it be cooler to raise the next generation of kids with inked princesses?
I know for sure that there was this little girl in me who always wanted to be Aurora but a larger part of me wants to kick ass, be a vampire, or drive the batmobile.
But here's our Disney fantasy, the glory of Disney princesses to take us as far as our imaginations can take us. And damn, don't we all let our imaginations get us carried away. Read the first part here!
Inked Disney princess
Gorgeous, bronze-skinned daughter of the Sultan. Although the movie was set in a Muslim country, it has lots of imageries which feature exquisite designs and interesting elements. The movie was nothing short of exotic art and everything.
by Mike Rubendall
Let's take a look at Jasmine's favourite feline first, Raja. Raja is the royal family's pet tiger who is usually, true to its nature, threatening but is really just a big furball.
by John Larson
The lamp that started it all. Aladdin may not have made some good decisions at first, but he always had Genie (voiced by the late Robin Williams) to fall back on and feed his conscience. Genie also played a big part between the Arabian couple, sort of being the main matchmaker.
Meatshop Tattoo
Again, Aladdin is set in an Arabian setting, so it's very likely that Jasmine would  get herself one of those Arabian sacred geometry. Correct us if we're wrong but it's fairly tricky to tell apart the difference of sacred geometric designs between cultures. Nonetheless, there are bound to be variations.
Please don't expect us to translate this to you because we have the Arabian literacy of a two-month old baby. But that's not to say a
Hand tattoo
It's not just the Indian brides who get to don these.

Inked Disney princess
Pocahontas is the only Disney princess that is actually tattooed—a tribal band on her right arm. But we here at Tattoodo thinks the Native American beauty can do better. (My knowledge in the Native American culture is quite limited, so it would help if you would enlighten us or correct some parts I got wrong.)
Native American symbol tattoo
Arrows are significant in Native American symbolism. The symbol may differ from tribe to tribe, for example Pocahontas belongs in the Powhatan tribe.
Dope Indulgence Tattoo
I don't know about you but that nuisance of a hummingbird got on my nerves half of the time I was watching Pocahontas. Like Flounder to Ariel, Flit (along with the raccoon) is the obligatory critter companion to Pocahontas. But the little guy has his moments. Besides, that is one gorgeous underboob tatt.
Artist unknown.
Like Ariel, Pocahontas' man came to her aboard a ship.
Native American culture-inspired tattoo
The roots are literal depiction of 'not forgetting your roots'. Pocahontas left her homeland in the sequel and was forced to act and dress like a Westerner in the New World.
Native American culture-inspired tattoo
Totem poles are very prominent in the Native American culture. The back is also a very goof place to put a large totem pole on.

Inked Disney princess
Knowing Mulan, having faced the yellow-eyed Shan Yu, this chick can surely handle  a hundred needle prick every two minutes. Aside from how bad-ass Fa Mulan herself is, her heritage is rich from symbolism.
Full back tattoo
Fa Mulan is the type of girl who would get her whole body covered in some sensual, traditional ink. She's also surely up for all that blood and patience it takes to progress a gorgeous body suit.
by Luca Ortis
The tattoo above is a traditional Japanese style dragon but in this post, let's generalize it as merely oriental. Fa Mulan seems like the type of girl who would so get a full body tattoo, doesn't she?  Besides, Mulan's family guardian is a dragon named Mushu so that works, as well.
Japanese style snake tattoo
(Again, a Japanese tattoo but let's ignore that fact for now.) Mulan was bestowed upon with the family heirloom, a sword her father inherited, to carry on her journey.
Yin Yang tattoo
One of the most prominent Chinese symbols there is. Read all about it here.

Inked Disney princess
Merida is a new Disney princess. I haven't really paid much attention to the movie because apparently, I was too old to be watching Disney princesses when it came out. Nonetheless, Merida is the princess we needed even before. She's the only princess in the franchise so far who didn't end up with any prince, by choice. That's something us ladies should give a thought or two.
Weapon tattoo
The bow and the arrow are Merida's weapon of choice. She isn't trading these for a stupid love life anytime soon.
by Esther
At first glance, Merida exudes the tomboy vibe, making her less feminine by society's standards. Though, that doesn't make her less of a lady. Which is why this tattoo says it all. In the cracks in her skin, her femininity still spill out to breathe.
by Dana Katsko
The unicorn is Scotland's national animal.
Celtic design tattoo
Since Merida is Scottish, there must be a trace of Celtic designs on her body somewhere if she were to get a tattoo.
Finger tattoos
And most of all, those words were what Merida was all about. She is who she is. That's something all of us can really look up to.
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