Impressive Dotwork: Alexandra Tabuns

Impressive Dotwork: Alexandra Tabuns

Alexandra Tabuns can serve as proof that this traditional style is still in full force and here to stay.
Usually dotwork is done by artist who perform religious and spiritual tattoos, but many artist have picked up this technique to create some really incredible work. Patience is the key because it usually takes longer to get done than regular tattoo styles. Most dotwork artist use the hand poke method although some do use tattoo guns. The dots method allows for intricate designs and incredible shading work.
Awesome piece by Alexandra Tabuns
Panda dotwork
Dotwork composition
Awesome tattoo design by Alexandra Tabuns
Flower dotwork
Tattoo by Alexandra Tabuns
Flower dotwork
Alexandra Tabuns
Feel free to send her an email to book an appointment (check out her instagram bio). Check her out on instagram @alex_tabuns and on facebook.

If you have a dotwork style tattoo or plan on getting one done, let us know know in the comments below.
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