Is The 'Christians Against Tattoos' Page A Hoax Or Plain Stupidity?

Is The 'Christians Against Tattoos' Page A Hoax Or Plain Stupidity?

The tattoo community is having mixed feelings about a Facebook page, called Christians Against Tattoos.
It warns people about the evil act of being tattooed. Appaling facts are shared on the page, with bad photomontages, fake statistics and news, as well as misappropriation of positive photos of tattooed people. The images and texts are more than discrimination against tattooed people (especially tattooed parents and their kids), they are sheer madness... Some people are taking it with humor, hinted by the fact the page states it is "Just for Fun", and that bullsh*ts like these can only be a joke. But other people actually think some narrow-minded people could seriously have those kind of prejudice against tattooed people and share bad rumors... The mystery behind the Christians Against Tattoos page is still bugging tattooed internet users... And you? What's your opinion? Take a look at the page and tell us: fake or sadly true?
Tattooed parents are their favorite target.
They can't use Photoshop properly.
Absolutely untrue
Positive photos of tattooed people? They love twisting them.
And sometimes, it's just so moronic it's hilarious...
No, really???
Mothers, now?
Really, though?
And then you are sure it is a wacky hoax when they refer to Kim Karadashian as a pure Christian soul... Haha!
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