Lyle Tuttle And The Importance Of Women In Tattooing!

Lyle Tuttle And The Importance Of Women In Tattooing!

Lyle Tuttle is one of the most important people in the growth of modern tattooing, he remains a legend in the industry.
Tuttle began tattooing back in 1949 and although now retired is still a key figure in the tattoo world, he acts as a historian and keeper of tattoo tradition and is also a perfect example of tattoos looking better the older you get! But perhaps one of his biggest insights is the recognition he gives to women in the growth of modern tattooing.
Tattoos clearly just looker more badass the older you get!
For many tattooing is a mans game, both getting tattooed and tattooing others, but we all know this isn't true. Some of the best artists in the world are women and without them tattooing would not be the same. Tattooing needs women more than women need tattooing, and when asked his opinion on what fueled the rise of tattooing over the past few decades Tuttle's answer was on point;

"Women's liberation! One hundred percent women's liberation! That put tattooing back on the map..."
Singer Janis Joplin was one of Tuttle's most famous female clients!
And why was women's liberation so important to tattooing, well Tuttle has that one covered as well;

"With women getting a new found freedom, they could get tattooed if they so desired. It increased and opened the market by 50% of the population - half of the human race! For three years, I tattooed almost nothing but women. Most women got tattooed for the entertainment value ... circus side show attractions and so forth. Self-made freaks, that sort of stuff. The women made tattooing a softer and kinder art form."
A legend in the tattoo industry, Tuttle knows what he's talking about!!
Women and tattooing are a great mix, women bring things to tattoos that no man could and take it from the legend Tuttle that without women tattooing would not be where it is today and no where near as good!
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