Majority of Tattooed People DON'T Regret Their Ink!!

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Regret is a common subject when it comes to tattoos, many tattooed individuals would have experienced the old 'Oh you're getting a tattoo, you might regret that later in life' or the popular 'Getting a new tattoo, you'll regret it when you're looking for work'... But as we all know the only person whose opinion matters is the person with the tattoo and as it happens the majority of people with tattoos DON'T regret getting them!!

The good folks over at YouGov have put together a survey and found that contrary to popular belief tattoo regret is not that high. According to YouGov almost a quarter of Americans (24%) and about a fifth (19%) of British adults have opted for the ink and sport tattoos. Interestingly out of those tattooed Americans only 22% have regrets, likewise only 14% of the ink wearing Brits regret their tattoo choice....So what does this mean?... Basically the majority of people with tattoos in America and Britain do not regret them!

YouGov's survey also discovered that despite a steady rise in popularity tattoos are still somewhat of a taboo. The survey revealed that 49% of Americans would think no differently of a person with tattoos, although they would think less of them compared to someone without tattoos!! In regards to tattoos and age YouGov also provided some insights. From the survey it was revealed that half of the tattooed people in Britain and America received their first tattoo by the age of 21, supporting the perception that young people are more tattooed than their older counterparts. 32% of 18-44 year old Americans have tattoos compared to 16% of those 45 and up.

Age has also played a part in tattoo regret, with a large number of those who regret their tattoos getting them before their 21st birthday, out of the people tattooed before being 21 around 38% held some form of tattoo regret... So what then has YouGov taught us... well, tattoo regret isn't as common as you might think and to lessen the risk of regret wait until you hit 21!

If you want more information be sure to check out YouGov!

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