My Little Pony Tattoos Are All About Tolerance

My Little Pony Tattoos Are All About Tolerance

Childhood must be an age of dream, love and freedom. Not an age to suffer from bullying and intolerance.
In 2014, 11 years old Michael Morones wanted to take his own life after some of his schoolmates bullied for his love of cartoon My Little Pony. While his parents were struggling to pay his medical care, tattoo parlors across United States started doing My Little Pony tattoos to raise money for the bullied boy. You can read more about this story here. From then, My Little Pony tattoos have become a symbol of the fight against bullying and of tolerance. Yes, boys and men can love what they want, as well as girls and women. Tastes are not assigned to genders. The Bronies movement is an example of this right to freedom. Colorful and cute, My Little Pony tattoos can be inked as a tribute to children, but also to express a grown-up passion. They can be LGBT tattoos, but also coveted by straight people. You are what you want, you get the tattoos you want. But meaning(s) aside, let's focus on these adorable ponies and unicorns, in their glamorous and yummy world, with these colorful and cute My Little Pony tattoos.
Detail of a sleeve by Andrea Lanzi.
By April Hernandez.
By Emma Fillingham.
By Freddy Bu-Hu.
By Issa.
Finger tattoos by Maria Novak.
By Mary Von Bloody.
Hand tattoo by Michelle Madison.
Sugar skull pony by Monica Misery.
Finger tattoo by Otte Timar.
Haha! Hilarious Pulp Fiction meets My Little Pony piece by Paul Abstruse!
By Sam Whitehead.
If you want My Little Pony tattoos, you need to get in touch with Sam Whitehead...
That's dedication... A full sleeve by Sam Whitehead.
And another one by Sam Whitehead.
By Samantha Pixie Robson.
My Little Pony meets Doctor Who... By Sarah K.
Halloween pony by Sarah K too.
By Stealth Badger.
By Tarren Malham.
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