Nautical Tattoos Took Center Stage at the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016

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Last month, the Alexander McQueen label unveiled its spring/summer 2016 collection for men. The highlight is the collection's theme which danced around tattoos and nautical elements. It was fronted by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen's successor as the brand's creative director.

While some are still sceptic of Burton, she proves that she may not be able to deliver shocking and elaborate shows like McQueen does, she's still a force to be reckoned with.


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    Some pieces included very prominent and overused sailor symbols such as anchors. While some were subtle but very evident, especially the navy-style jackets.

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    The nautical theme extends to the colour scheme which ranged from navy blue to cooler blue hues.

    Men in two-piece suits and pyjama-style jacquards strutted on the catwalk.

    This year's spring/summer collection is definitely something us tattoo enthusiasts can admire. McQueen approves.



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