Nicole Richie's Tattoo Regret!

Nicole Richie's Tattoo Regret!

Fashion Designer,author,actress and T.V personality Nicole Richie is a household name, she also has some surprising tattoo related insights.
Tattoos and celebrities are a modern phenomena that grows and grows each day, there is always a celebrity getting some new ink or another celebrity having some removed.
Richie herself has a collection of eight tattoos, a rosary around her ankle, a tiara on her hip, a cross placed on her lower back, ballet slippers on her abdomen and the word "virgin" on her right wrist, a tattoo she says pays homage to being a Virgo.
Richie's tattoo collection!
Although the tattoo that is the bane if her life and the one she regrets most is located on the back of her neck, it's a small pink ribbon and her name, obviously it's not the worst tattoo she could have but it is one she would rather not have!
The regretful tattoo in question!
Speaking about her tattoo Richie made her feelings clear:
"I was a 19-year-old idiot when I got this tattoo on the back of my neck. You can see it now with the short hair but people aren't asking about it, which is nice. I haven't gotten a new one since I was 21."
Richie's distaste for certain tattoos does not end their however, her husband Joel Madden (the former 'Good Charlotte' rocker) has a number of tattoos and she hopes her and his tattoos will in fact deter their children from following in their footsteps!
Richie's husband Joel Madden is known for his extensive tattoos!
"Joel has [tattoo] sleeves and his twin brother, Benji, has tattoos on his neck and his face. I'm just hoping that my kids will be so embarrassed of them that they're not going to have any. It happens!"
Richie however is not alone in her tattoo regret, it is estimated that around 14% of tattooed people regret their tattoo in one way or another. Thankfully tattoo regret is not as common as you might think, still if your tattoo causes you that much pain and problems you could always opt for the laser!!
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