Passionate Sports Tattoos Part 1

Passionate Sports Tattoos Part 1

Ink lovers enjoy getting tattoos about what they are passionate about, from Fine Arts to TV series and sports tattoos..
So, indeed, sportpersons are getting ink related to the sport they practice, the activity they love. To motivate them and to show their dedication, athletes likes to get tattooed before their competitions, and medias often highlight Olympic tattoos... But no need to be a top sportperson to show tattoos inspired by your own passion.
People often get symbols of their favorite sports, with teams logos or the equipment they use to play. But you can also be very creative with pieces both artistic, bold and proud. As you will see, the variety and imagination behind sports tattoos is unlimitless... From the deep water or the sky, from the mountains or the stadiums, sport lovers are all coming to one place: their tattoo shop!
So, what kind of sport do you practice, what activity are you thrilling for? Show us your sports tattoos, and if you are still looking for inspiration, you could be interested by our collection of dedicated sports tattoos...
Great baseball themed rose morph tattoo by Andres Acosta...
Cool archery tattoo! Please credit the artist below.
Fun old school badminton tattoo by Art Freek.
Fun knuckle tattoo!
Lovely skiiing tattoo by Bouits!
Watercolor tennis tattoo on foot by Deathpop.
Impressive rock climbing tattoo by Den Yakovlev.
Awesome bmx tattoo by Denis Sivak!
Great Wrestling tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin.
Powerful running tattoo remembering the Boston Marathon by Hector Cedillo.
Lovely basketball piece by Isa Monténégro.
Rad golf tattoo by Josh Herman!
Another great archery tattoo by Kyle Crowell.
Love this creative basketball piece by Luke Sokolowski!
Nice biking piece by Melissa Fusco!
Terrific tennis tattoo by Miguel Bohigues!
Cute golf pin-up by Mr Martin...
Awesome scuba diving piece made at New Tattoo!
Fun skydiving tattoo by Oleg Turyanskiy!
Nice volleyball tattoo. Please credit the artist. Want more sports tattoos? wait for part 2...
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