Project Semicolon: No Longer Just A Trend

Project Semicolon: No Longer Just A Trend

Social trends and fashions come and go, but the trending Project Semicolon has showed no signs of slowing down and losing momentum!
Unless you've been living under a rock it's hard to imagine that in one manner or another you haven't seen people across the vast social media spectrum sharing and liking image of small semicolon tattoos. The basic premise of Project Semicolon is to encourage awareness and support for mental health by calling on people to get both temporary and permanent semicolon tattoos, you can read a brief overview of the trend and project here, but where did it come from and what's it all about?
Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon
Although it maybe one of the biggest tattoo and general trends of 2015 the project actually began back in 2013 when the founder and president Amy Bleuel got a small semicolon tattooed on her wrist to honor her father who sadly took his own life. Over the past two years the project has gone from strength to strength and due to the power of social media has spread across the globe! The project uses a semicolon because, as their websites states, "a semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life."
Project Semicolon
The slogan  'Stay Strong; Love Endlessly; Change Lives' is also a significant part of the project and summaries the drive and goals the project hopes to achieve. Across the world thousands of people, both young and old, have got their own semicolon tattoo as a recognition of the struggles they have survived the obstacles they have overcome, it is a daily reminder of what they have gone through but also what they have achieved and survived telling them to keep going and never give up.
my story isn´t over yet; Semicolon tattoo
However as with any popular trend there exists the worry that people will get a semicolon tattoo simply to be part of the 'it' crowd and not understand the significance and meaning attached to it. In existence alongside this is the worry that people will simply look at a semicolon tattoo and think 'oh look another semicolon tattoo', again damaging the meaning and power of the project. Although what cannot be denied is the positive power the project has and the sheer scale of awareness it has brought to issues surrounding mental health.
Semicolon tattoo
What begun as a small tribute from a loving daughter to her father has grown into a global movement and incredible way of using tattoos to spread a positive message. Project Semicolon however is not simply limited to and defined by a small tattoo, the project is in reality much, much bigger, it is a place of comfort and support and definitely some thing to check out, the website can be found here!
Semicolon tattoo designs
If you are considering getting your own semicolon tattoo then make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, don't get one simply because it's cool, get a one because it means something. What began as a trend has grown into a movement and is something that even you aren't actively involved in you can wholeheartedly support. Mental health is a an issue that doesn't always get the coverage and support it deserves and it is great to see that tattoos have helped change that!!
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