Some Of The Most Unearthly Space Tattoos You Will See In The Universe

Some Of The Most Unearthly Space Tattoos You Will See In The Universe

They are the stars of Internet, some of the most impressive pieces of modern tattoo art: we are indeed referring to space tattoos.
Space tattoos are obsessing ink lovers, with their colorful and powerful designs, and sometimes with their jaw-dropping sizes. Astronomy and science-fiction lovers are not afraid to cover their sleeves, legs and bodies with badass galaxies and starry nights... But the vastness of the universe can also fit in smaller tattoos, and it has become very trendy to inject cosmic elements inside all kind of tattoos. Suddenly, everyone want to be a cosmonaut or express his trippy science-fiction's fantasies... But beware, the aliens and their UFO are not very far! If your head is inside the stars already and you want to connect your body with the Universe, then you will be amazed by these out-of-this-world space tattoos. And if you want more, click here and here!
In a galaxy far away... By Susanne König.
Love cosmonaut by Varo Tattooer.
Ready to rock a space opera??? By Stanislav Razuvanov.
This sleeve is out of this world... Could you credit the artist?
Impressive detail by Sergey Shanko...
Fantastic one by Pavel Roch...
Love this space crack tattoo by Olga Grigorieva!
Nika Samarina makes some trippy space tattoos... Here a sacred geometry cosmic owl.
Wow, also by Nika Samarina...
Dope sleeve by Mashkow!
Terrific piece by Marina Avtonomova.
Fun space pin-up! Also by Marina Avtonomova.
Creative piece by Ewa Sroka.
Great work by Dmitriy Zakharov.
Funky space ice cream cone by Dasha Sugar Sahar!
By Andrew Marsh.
Badass sleeve by Alexey Alexeyevich.
The head in the stars by Alexander O'Kharin...
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