Spotlight: The Soft Dotwork Of Oliver Whiting

Spotlight: The Soft Dotwork Of Oliver Whiting

If you are in love with dotwork tattoos and curious about hand poke technique, then, Oliver Whiting's work is for you.
This artist used both modern electric tattoo machines and hand poking to create lovely dotwork tattoos. With different shades of grey, he gives a dainty and elegant look to various designs. Inspired by ethnic and sacred geometry tattoos or by surrealistic blackwork, his pieces are feminine and poetic. Oliver Whiting is working at Black Dog tattoo shop in Norwich, in the north of England. You can also admire his elegant tattoos on his instagram page.
A creative idea for a name tattoo.
Nicely done!
cool ornamented piece
circus at night
hanging om
nice piece
floral piece
ornamental piece
dotted key
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