Sweet, Sparkly & Kawaii Tattoos by Keely Rutherford

Keely Rutherford is a london-based female tattooer known for her sweet, colorful & sparkly style tattoos.
They are usually of pink and purplish dominant colors, sometimes with ultra cute beady-eyed characters that are so kawaii. She works at Jolie Rogue, sells more of her art on Big Cartel, and you can see more of her works by following her on Instagram: @keelyrutherford :-)
Kawaii Space & candy-colored stardust <3
Sweet Unicorn & cupcake
Awesome piece by Keely
This blog's looking so magical...
Love potion
Miam 80s polaroid
Makes you not wanna eat it. Aww. :-)
*fizzles* *sparkles*
Sweet heart tattoo
London <3
Keely Rutherford