Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Christopher Henriksen

If you're a fan of colour and realism, then you'll love Christopher Henriksen.
By the end of the post, you might just have to get tattooed by him, in which case you gotta get your passport ready because he's based in Denmark!
tattooing in process
owl tattoo
As what I've said, Chris works magic with colour and realism.
cute girl tattoo
He knows the right places to grip his machine and make some bold lines and ease it up with fine lines.
face tattoo
A dash of colour makes a big difference.
female tattoo
scary monster
tiger tattoo
Chris also nails it with Japanese imageries, injecting his own magic touch.
sculls tattoo
scull tattoo
sculls in red
Want to take it easy and stick with the good ol' skull tattoo? He won't disappoint. No, sir.
owl tattoo on the chest
Chris isn't really what you'd call a good artist. He's way more than good.
tiger attack
He knows his game well.
mix of tattoos
Down to the smallest details.
ornamental tattoo
He doesn't always do mandalas but when he does...
man face
underboob tattoo
owl tattoo
gambling forever
bird tattoo
birds tattoo
See what I mean?
bird in red
snake in the jungle
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