Tattooed Babe Spotlight: Levy Tran

Tattooed Babe Spotlight: Levy Tran

Levy Tran is a Vietnamese-American model known for her tattoos and appearances on MTV's "Guy Code" and covers of several tattoo magazines.
She's fit, sexy, and confident, and following her on Instagram or on Twitter is both a treat and inspirational. Let's get to know her more! Prepare your hankies, things are about to get sweaty. This blog is steaming hot.
Cover photo: Carlos Nunez
Levy Tran
First kiss: "I chased a boy in the 4th grade, and planted one wet & steamy kiss on his cheek. He ran away crying. He obviously didn't know what was good for him..." Says Levy.
Tattooed model
Turn-ons:  Levy is turned on by a guy who has wit & a sense of humor. A man who loves food, just like her! Her biggest turn on, of course, would be a romantic guy. The type who sends flowers or leaves post-it notes, someone who is expressive of his love & affection.
Levy Tran
Turn-offs: A BIG turn-off would be Rudeness. Men who don't like sports, or guys who talk shit about other people. Boys who complain about every little thing. She says she wants a MAN, not a boy.
Inked magazine cover
Levy on the cover of Inked Magazine, 3 years ago (2012)
Cover of Glass magazine
On the cover of Glass magazine, Sept 2012.
Levy Tran
First tattoo: A bunch of Stars on her back.
Star tattoos on the bacl
Favorite Tattoo: "The zombie on my right side. I just love the artwork."
Zombie tattoo
The Ideal Boyfriend: "I look for a man who's funny, kind, humble, generous, giving, loyal, confident, assertive, and helpful. He should be kind to strangers and respect his elders. He has to be able to focus his attention on me when I'm in need. I need a man who will love my family just as much as he loves his. I need him to be emotionally, physically, and financially available. He has to appreciate my awkwardness, my muffin tops, and when I'm without makeup. He has to be secure with himself and emotionally stable. He has to have a job and a car. He should love football and all other sports. If he falls asleep to ESPN, that's a plus. I want a guy who respects me enough not to lie to me."
Levy Tran
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