Tattoos, Symbols and Tools of the Occult

Tattoos, Symbols and Tools of the Occult

The word "Occult" has often been misinterpreted and dismissed as evil, but this is not always the case.
As we all know, we are all made of Spirit, and spirit is made of ENERGY---that incredible thing that everything in the Universe contains within it. If the vast, infinite universe exists, then Magic is most definitely real. Not everybody believes in magic, but most of us does... And people who believe want to make a connection and co-create with this sort of magic. That is why religions practice rituals to communicate, seek healing or manifest goals with The Divine. Open your mind and discover that magic can be practiced by anyone who has good intentions. But first, one has to be open to new information... And so we present to you the tattoos, symbols and tools of the Occult.
Wizard tattoo by Jeff Johnson
The word "Occult" is rooted from the Latin "Occultus"---which means "hidden", "secret" or "esoteric". The word, according to the dictionary, is of, relating to, or dealing with Supernatural or magical influences, entities or occurrences. It is beyond the realm of human comprehension, therefore inscrutable, which explains why the existence of life and magic are difficult to explain by the human mind.
Wizard tattoo
DISCLAIMER: As there are Good & Evil, there's also Good & Black magic. It is encouraged for everyone to practice good magic only, as black magic can really be dangerous and life-threatening. We are in no way encouraging you to practice magic against your will. But if you decide so, we only encourage the magic that concerns the highest good of all and shall harm no one. And so we present to you only the good ways to practice it... And the tools that you can benefit from in your daily life. This article is not evil or demonic at all!!!

Tattoo by Austin, Transformation Tattoo Gallery, Springfield
Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Do you remember how we used to make a wish before we blow our birthday candles? It's the same theory... But only this time, you declare what you want with intent.
Tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski
CASTING SPELLS WITH A CANDLE: The most basic method to do this is to grab a piece of paper that matches the color of the candle, write down your intentions (ex. "More money to come my way") or goals, and burn it. Hold the paper as long as possible, and then place it on a fire-proof bowl or cauldron to burn the rest of the paper. Allow the candle to burn out completely and dispose of it. Believe that the spell has been cast and wait for results.

Occult Tattoo
Crystals transmit great power which you can train yourself to detect, feel & see with your mind's eye (also known as Third Eye, or Brow Chakra). Before you begin to work with a crystal, you must activate it by holding it, and tell it what you wanted it to do. It is important that you are attracted to a particular crystal so as to establish a connection. Only will it to perform good magic, because black magic will backfire and may do you harm.

Tattoo by Marcus Kuhn, Netherlands
Tarot cards accurately detect the dynamics of a situation and provide insight to it. It has been a popular psychic tool since medieval times.
"The Hanged Man" from the Major Arcana by Miss Arianna
The tarot is a deck of 78 cards divided in 2 sections: The Major Arcana (22 cards), and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). The Major Arcana tells us about our journey through life and some challenges we encounter along the way while the Minor Arcana (divided into 4 suits: swords, wands, cups & pentacles) deals with our detailed situations in life such as coping with loss, achieving prosperity & fulfillment, or making plans.

Magic Wand Tattoo
Magic wands are usually made of stone or wood and often topped or bottomed with stones or crystals. The wood or metal conducts the magical energy and directs the energy from its tip. Although wands are primarily used to transmit energy and manifest our intentions, it can also be used to summon energy and the gods for guidance, grounding or healing.

The Runic symbol of Life & Death by Thomas Hooper
Runes are symbols etched in small stones, pieces of bone or wood that are used to predict one's future. Runes are often placed inside a pouch or a box, and the idea is to pick a stone without looking and whatever mark runic symbol you pick holds a meaning of its own for you to interpret.

pendulum tattoo
The pendulum is one of the most useful technique to locate a lost object. The pendulum can be made from crystal, brass or wood, and is suspended from a cord or string. When you first begin to use a pendulum, one must train it to react the way you want it so that you'll understand what it is telling you. The more you use it, the more practiced and trained you'll become.

Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
The Athame is the most important ritual tool in Wicca, and like other ritual tools it is purified and consecrated to the gods before usage. The Dagger is a symbol of fire and therefore represents the Fire element. It also represents the masculine qualities of consciousness, action, force & strength. The Athame/dagger is used to channel & direct psychic energy, which gains the practitioner strength and power, and aids him in manifesting what he/she wills.

Remember to harm no one, seek only to contribute to the Good of everyone, and THY WILL BE DONE!!!! Have a magical day! ;-)
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