The Ink Armory: Badass Weapon Tattoos

The Ink Armory: Badass Weapon Tattoos

Weapon tattoos are really coveted, but they don't all mean their owners are fans of violence.
By the way, if you think the gun tattoos are missing, it's because you haven't seen this article yet. Many people ink weapon tattoos because they use them in their job: indeed, cooks and butchers enjoy their knives and athletes love their swords and crossbows. Japanese lovers get katana tattoos to honor the way of the samurais, while admirers of the Vikings get badass axes. Weapon tattoos are connected with History, especially the vintage designs. If you are a fan of Middle-Age and knights you know how medieval weapons are rad and connected to meaningful values. In tattoo history too, weapons have an important place. Of course, dagger tattoos are a classic. The weapons you ink are often the wounds you received. And when they are morphing with peaceful things, especially the hand grenades, they can have more peaceful meanings than you'd think. But indeed, they have something thug about them, especially the bad boys weapons, razors, brass knuckles and bludgeons... Or very cartoonish, just like the bombs! So what's inside your Ink Armory? Show us your weapons of choice, and let's admire these badass weapon tattoos.
Let's start with the heavy weapons... A cannon? Right. By Zetta Poetta.
Perhaps this hand grenade is more peaceful than you'd think. By Valentina Ryabova.
Meaningful design by Sindy Brito.
This guy needs to avoid police'searches, he could be accused of being a terrorist! By Sadhu le Serbe.
Same one , bomb hidden...
Beware of the bomb... By Ilja Hummel.
The old school weapons are the best... Badass backpiece by MxM!
A butcher or a serial killer? By Oozy.
Jaw-dropping axe by Faustink!
Cool jousting tournament spear by Monkey Bob!
Awesome axe by Lux Tattoo...
Powerful crossbow by Luke Wrigley.
Cool katana by Luis Escobedo.
Nice saber by Linda Iacono!
Badass medieval weapon by Lewis Parkin...
Sharp razor... please credit.
Bloody knuckle duster by Marc Nutley.
Rad butterfly knife by Ben of Hand in Glove...
Pocket knife by Andrey Barmaley.
Hunting knife by André Cast.
Cluedo lover??? By Adam Hatcher.
Ironic piece made at About Face Tattoo.
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