The Middle Delevingne Girl and Her Tiny Tattoos

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It’s the Delevingne girls again and this time, we’re setting the spotlight up on the middle Delevingne, Poppy.

Last year, the British model got a tattoo of a thin crucifix and the date ’16.5.14’ to commemorate her wedding day. Her husband, James Cook snapped a photo of it, along with his wedding ring to be posted on Instagram. Cook also has a matching tattoo of his wife's.


That’s not the only tattoo Poppy got either. A while back, she and her sister Cara had quite a night and agreed to let her younger sister give her a first tattoo. She describes the experience with W magazine with, "We had an impromptu tattoo party. It wasn’t meant to happen. I woke up in the morning and I totally forgot I had it. I turned to Cara and was like, “did I get a tattoo last night?” and she goes, 'Yes, I did it myself and it’s on the back of your neck.’"

As for the second tattoo the socialite has ever gotten, it's a bull on her neck to represent her zodiac sign Taurus. She tells W Magazine, "...because I’m a Taurus through and through: I’m super shy if you can believe it, but I’m also a raging bull."

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We'll never know for sure when the Delevingne sisters will be adding more to their body art but with Cara, she might be in a tattoo shop right now or just asked Bang Bang to come over for all we know.



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