The Vintage Elegance Of Corset Tattoos

The Vintage Elegance Of Corset Tattoos

There is two things women enjoy to have the closest to their skin: fine lingerie and tattoos. And sometimes, they even get lingerie tattoos.
But not ordinary lingerie. Tattoo lovers prefer the elegance of vintage fashion, with the lacy garter tattoos or the lines of the old stockings. Lace and ribbons are coveted for sexy tattoos of small and average size. But if you want to associates feminity with badassery, then you should think about corset tattoos. The thin waist has been a beauty's obsession of women since the Antiquity. Pieces of fabric or even metal were used to press the waistline, setting the beauty standard of the hourglass figure. Corsets were also associated with chastity belts. The corset we know now invaded the royal courts in the 15th century. Coming from Italy (just like lace), it was popularized by Queen Catherine of Medicis. Made of fabric and whalebones, it soon becames the main underwear of elegant French and European ladies. The basquine or vasquine was laced up on the front, while the gourgandine was laced on both sides. It is said that the Queen prefered steel corsets covered with velvet. But corsets were damaging bodies. In the 19th century, the "lazy lacing" helped women to lace their corset without assistance, and soon, it was reduced to medical use. With the rise of feminism and relaxed fashion, corset disappeared. It is now only worn for special occasion, as a sexy piece of couture or by edgy fashionista, inspired by Victorian fashion. Object of luxury and subversion, corset is still attracting women and men. That's why corset tattoos are a way to sport your feminity and sensuality. Some women prefers to ink only the ribbon and holes, imitating the corset piercings. But some go big and bold with a full tattooed corset! If you enjoy fancy tattoos, then you will admire these elegant corset tattoos...
Trippy (and a bit scary too) 3D corset by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski!
This famous bold piece by Sir Lexi Rex...
Only the ribbon: the tattoo of Sid Suicide.
The badass Giger-inspired backpiece of Sebastian Zmijewski!
Bold tattoo by Scott Glazier...
And this one by Ryan Ashley Malarkey.
Side corset by Richy Hurle.
Intricate backpiece by Kri8or!
Lovely photography by Ken Harris.
You can also ink a smaller corset as a tribute to vintage fashion! By Kate Cook.
It is also very trendy on the legs. Made at Golden Eagle in Santa Barbara, CA.
Lacy piece by Freddy Buhu.
Thigh pieces by Devan Sisemore.
By Debora Cherrys.
Cool piece by Darcy Nutt.
By Dane Burton.
The elegant work of Camila Rocha.
Awesome cover-up piece by Andy Bagshaw...
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