Thieves Of Tower: A Collaboration of Dagny and Houston

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It would be no surprise that if upon reading the title you had no idea what this post is about, so in short here's the briefest of overviews; Thieves Of Tower is a collaboration of two artists, Houston Patton and Dagny Fox and between them they make some amazing tattoos!

Modern tattooing is about innovation and uniqueness, and the collaboration between Houston and Dagny is certainly that. Houston Patton is an incredible tattoo artist, and artist in general for that matter, whilst Dagny Fox is a creative director, together they have created the company Thieves of Tower which produces some breathtaking tattoos. The tattoos produced commonly cover two separate body parts and are heavily influenced by infrastructure and landscapes.

Houston is a well respected tattoo artist and creator!
Houston is a well respected tattoo artist and creator!

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Houston is described as 'an artist with his undaunted pen and ink illustrations, numerous graffitied walls, and the reputation that precedes almost a decade of tattooing'... 

Where as Dagny is the 'Creative Directer and Manager with a strong focus on promotions and aesthetic, establishing herself as a creative visionary and modern-day entrepreneur. She supervises the creative direction and development of all the day to day and future projects'...

'They together have worked to create a solid foundation and outlet in bringing and presenting to you, their combined skills, talents, and art works'... 

Thieves Of Tower is a unique and creative medium for tattoo art and are another example of how tattooing continues to evolve and develop. Be sure to hit them up on Instagram!


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