This Guy Donated His Tattooed Skin To A Museum!!

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It is a sad reality for any tattoo collector and lover that when you die your tattoos will no longer be appreciated, your life's work of collecting ink over, but for retired teacher Geoff Ostling that is not the case. He's donating his heavily tattoo skin to the National Museum of Australia after he dies!!!

“I’d like them to display it on a mannequin — but they might just store it away.” We've all heard of people donating their organs after death but Mr. Ostling is taking things to new levels of awesome or creepy, depending on your stance. While displaying his collection of tattoos in a seminar at the museum Mr. Ostling was approached by a curator of the establishment and asked whether he would consider donating his skin upon his death. Of course displaying tattooed skin in museums is by no means a new thing its been done for centuries but Mr. Ostling is arguably in a very small number of contemporary accounts of donating tattooed skin for display!

Mr. Geoff Ostling and his incredible tattoo collection!
Mr. Geoff Ostling and his incredible tattoo collection!

Tattooed almost from head to toe it is a surprise to many when they learn Mr. Ostling didn't get his first tattoo until he was 42, although because of the nature of his work as a teacher he had to keep his impressive collection of ink under wraps until he retired on his 60th birthday! The work on Mr. Ostling's body is that off Australian tattoo artist eX de Medici.

“I was discreet about it at school, just as I was about being gay,”

As for the removal of the tattoos it is a rather delicate process. After his death Mr. Osting's skin will be removed slowly and carefully with scalpels, all the while the people performing the removal will be doing their best not to tear the skin and damage the tattoos. Once removed the skin will then be scraped clean of other tissues and stretched before being hung out to dry.

There isn't much of Mr. Ostling that isn't tattooed!!
There isn't much of Mr. Ostling that isn't tattooed!!

... it's rather eerie to be honest, but then again it is one hell of a way to show off your tattoos once you've gone, so hats off to Mr. Ostling and his awesome tattoos!

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