Underboob Trend: What Is Tattooed Under Your Breasts?

You cannot escape, it's all over the internet: the underboob tattoos trend. Some people are offended by the term, some others find it okay.
But this tattoo term has been chosen by tattoo artists and tattoo lovers to describe this specific type of trendy tattoos, so we have no other choice than using it too! We already have showed you some of the most refined, gorgeous and talented underboob tattoos of the tattoo world. And we have observed that, if they are very popular, people have different tastes.
The most coveted underboob piece is composed of half mandalas and often in dotwork. Many ladies whant to adorn this part of their body with black ink, but some are tired to see dots and lines and prefers colorful and realistic designs. They are all very elegant, feminine and badass for us... But you, yes YOU! What kind of design do you wish to get? What kind of underboob tattoo do you have? Show us your ink!