Using Fake Tattoos to Raise Awareness of Victims of Abuse

The main idea is for the temporary bruise, fake tattoos to be a tool to show sympathy for victims of abuse.
#HurtsMeToo is a campaign launched by Hungarian-based ACG Advertising Agency. The main idea is for people to put on their temporary tattoos that resemble bruises, which can be purchased in their website, and take a selfie to be posted on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag, #hurtsmetoo. This campaign was launched to raise awareness of violence against women, due to the horrifying statistics of 1 in 5 Hungarian women has experienced abuse, and God knows how many who are afraid to speak up.
#HurtsMeToo campaign
All the proceeds from the fake bruise tattoo packs goes to a charity fund which runs safe houses, providing shelter for maltreated family members. And by using a custom hashtag and spreading it in social media, there will be a light shed to the shocking truth of abuse.
Hungarian-based ACG Advertising Agency campaign
Campaigns like these have sparked up a good number of controversy, seeing as some are doing more harm than good and with many exploiting the cause for their own good; to glamorize the dark reality behind it. The ads also feature beautiful models, looking sullen and sporting their own temporary bruises. Those who don't know better may just use the temporary tattoos for the wrong means, or worse, use them as fashion statements.
Hungarian-based ACG Advertising Agency
#HurtsMeToo Instagram campaign
We aren't condoning nor are we against the cause, but we would merely like to question its outcome and whether it's actually achieving the effect it hoped for to raise awareness to abused women or not. As noble as the cause may sound, we are seeing something really wrong here which seems to fail to deliver the message they're trying to reach through. We're quite sure real bruised victims won't be too happy with teenage girls posing in front of their iPhones with purple bruises that can be washed off in the shower, using the #hurtsmetoo hashtag along with #ootd, #selca, #selfie and such.
Raise awareness of violence against women
Raise awareness of violence against women
The fake bruise tattoo
The fake bruise tattoo
But what we'd like to know is what YOU think of it. Is using temporary tattoos in this sort of campaign worthwhile or is it like salt added to wound (a very real wound, at that)?
The fake bruise tattoo, #hurtsmetoo campaign