Wait, What? Sunburn Tattoos Are A Thing!

There is now another tattoo trend, sunburn tattoos, taking the headlines and it seems that's not really for good reasons!
Although, as a fun fact, in the past few weeks social media has been flooded with images from the awesome Semicolon Project.
Sunburn tattoo
People across social media are posting images of their sunburn and the body art created with it accompanied by the hashtag #SunburnTattoo. A sunburn tattoo is essentially an image created on the body by placing sunblock in a specific design or shape. Now as anyone with tattoos knows sunburn is enemy no.1 when it comes to your tattoo, so the name Sunburn Tattoo is perhaps a little off.
Sunburn chanel tattoo
It goes without saying that purposely burning your skin is somewhat idiotic and not greatest of ideas. Medical professionals over at the US Skin Cancer Foundation have warned that the practice of sunburn tattoos will lead to only painful conclusions, i.e. blistering, peeling and potentially even skin cancer.
Sunburn tattoo
“A sunburn is not only painful – it’s dangerous, and comes with consequences...Sunburns cause DNA damage to the skin, accelerate skin aging, and increase your lifetime skin cancer risk.”
Sunburn tattoo
So for all you trendsetters with the vision of some awesome sunburn tattoos maybe have a re-think of your sun exposure plans and possibly even try a real tattoo instead! We can even help you get the design you want and it's guaranteed to be sunburn free!