Which One Of These New Tattoo Styles Would You Get?

Which One Of These New Tattoo Styles Would You Get?

Tattoo is constantly evolving and new tattoo styles are appearing every year. More and more creative, eye-catching and appealing.
They create hot trends in tattoo parlors, designed to stay (or not). The ink lovers are going to decide... These past years, the raging trends were white ink, red ink, Trash Polka, graphic and watercolor tattoos. Artists have started experimenting with these new techniques to create even more original art. Their inspiration can also be found in classic art and traditions.
For example, cross-stitch tattoos are all over the internet. Men are dubbing them grandmothers' tattoos, but they are coveted by young women and men, and not only as a tribute to their family. Cross-stitching designs are becoming more modern, with geek references.
Talking of geeks, we also need to talk about the new trend of pixel tattoos. First intended as a tribute to vintage video games, they have started pixelating various designs to create colorful and fun tattoos. Their pop art look is very close to the one of halftone tattoos. Halftone is a reprographic technique using optical illusion and gradients of dots to recreate images, often famous ones. Halftone tattoos bring graphic twists to vintage and glamour portraits.
But if you prefer more figurative tattoos, yet with a poetuc and graphic touch, you can also indulge in sketch tattoos, inspired by the rough sketches drawn by artists. Artsy, joyful and creative, new tattoo styles are for people looking for unique ink. So, let's take a look at these examples and tell us if you have found your happiness...
Want a proof cross-stitch can be rad? Check Eva Krbdk's portfolio.
Some cool pieces by Eva Krbdk.
A great twist to rose tattoos by Julie Hamilton.
And this one by Katie Shocrylas.
Geeks also love cross-stitching... By Lauren Hanson.
If you don't like crosses, then switch to dots with halftone tattoos. And check Adrian Bascur's portfolio.
Another rad tattoo by Adrian Bascur...
Halftone is all about trendy optical illusion. ByPennyBlackTattoo.
Get far, you'll see better. By Dre Garcia.
You can also add halftone to another tattoo style. Here realism by Image ArtCore.
Mixing all the hot new tattoo styles: halftone, geometry and watercolor by Guillaume Smash and Émilie b!
No crosses, no dots but pixels! By Anton Kovrigin and Lesha Lauz.
For more pixel tattoos, check Lesha Lauz's portfolio.
Just some pixels add creativity to colorful tattoos. By Martyna Popiel.
Indeed, gamers love pixels. By Scott Falbo.
Pixelated hand by Teresa Sharpe!
Going back to classics: sketch tattoos. Here cute puppy by Kamil Mokot.
Just lines or you can add some watercolor painting effect. By Lukasz Zglenicki.
Sketch tattoos are so poetic. By María Fernández.
Minimalistic and cool! Check the work of Mo Ganji...
Slightly geometric by Tania Catclaw.
So, which one would you get?!
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