Why We Love Josh Ostrovsky Aka The Fat Jew

In a sea of hilarious posts all over Instagram, one stands out—that's Josh Ostrovsky, or to his adoring fans, The Fat Jew.
There's just so much going on with this gentleman that we don't know where to get started.
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This is the guy we want to see breaking the internet on a daily basis. Early this year, when Kim Kardashian released those internet-breaking images of her ass, Josh can't be toppled, of course. The internet is his kingdom. Or as he sees it.
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He's been making small waves for several years now but it wasn't until his Instagram got out of control that he became really huge. With this dude, there really is more to love.
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He recently signed with One Management, the very same modelling agency home to Karolina Kurkova and Bar Rafaeli. Not bad for someone whose fans include Katy Perry and Snoop Lion.
Josh Ostrovsky
The self-proclaimed internet ‘George Washington mixed with Magellan—with a hint of Serbian hacker and a sprinkle of Rob Lowe’ currently has over 5 million Instagram followers. Although he owes much of his success to the internet, it doesn't begin and end there.
❤︎ Last year, he had this small web series “Hookers Do Non-Sexual Stuff” where he invited a couple hookers to re-enact a scene from “Braveheart” with him and a friend. Genius.
Josh Ostrovsky
Are you feeling the burn?
❤︎ He taught a f-cking spin class to homeless people on Citi Bikes back in 2013. Yup.
@thefatjew / Instagram
❤︎ He had Craftsman Tools build him a gigantic bowl that can fit a six-foot-two, two-hundred-fifty pounder man, which he fills with salsa dip to chill in while watching Super Bowl because why the f-ck not.
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❤︎ That grandiose hairstyle.
Courtesy of New York Magazine
❤︎ Back in 2011, he was featured by New York Magazine for getting their logo tattooed on his chest.
@thefatjew / Instagram
❤︎ This particular tattoo is something we can all relate to in so many levels.
@thefatjew / Instagram
❤︎ And this. Oh dear.

That's another thing we love about him. Most of his tattoos look sh-tty af but you don't just hate someone who gets a tattoo of a Jewish star-shaped pizza. You just don't.
Josh Ostrovsky
❤︎ Because basically, he's Josh Ostrovsky.

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