Zen Inspiration For Yoga Tattoos

There are a lot of good reasons to take some time to relax and look at these gorgeous yoga tattoos...
In this stressful world, we need pauses to reconnect our body with Nature and spiritual life. Yoga is a powerful and inspiring way to keep a peaceful mind in a healthy body. If you think fitness lack of spirituality and harmony with the world, you should try yoga. It's elegant, relaxing and it helps you open to others. Many yogi are tattooed, and their ink is gorgeous and powerful. Yogic ink is inspired by Asian spiritualities and traditional culture and knowledges, such as Buddhism, chakras and luminous and pure Nature symbols.
But indeed, people passionate about yoga life get awesome yoga tattoos. Both yoga and tattoo are a way of life related to our physical and inner existence, so they perfectly go hand in hand with each others. If you are attracted by yoga, these pictures could inspire you enough to take the plunge, and it is the same if you are attracted by tattoos... They are also lovely sources of inspiration for people who want to show their dedication and passion for the yogic life.